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-sighted. if the u.s.a. continues to run up staggering debt our economy will eventually collapse. and the dependent will get hurt the most all over the world there is a struggle for fairness. the united nations once again proposing a global tax on billionaires. 1% of their wealth would be given to the u.n. to disperse throughout the third world. it's not going to happen but that's what many want to see. wealthy people being forced f. to give up assets to the controlling power. the problem with that is the that controlling power is often corrupt, inept or apathetic. does anyone believe the u.n. spends money responsibly? anyone? buehrle? how about the u.s.a.? the more money washington gets the more it wastes. why? because we don't have enough federal workers to police the entitlements hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted or stolen. we all remember this guy in the bathtub, jeff neeley partying in vegas his crew ran up $825,000 in expenses for nothing. they just wanted to live large on the taxpayer dime. how about the drug enforcement agency? few years ago it sent 368 people to istanbul for a con
into that operation. the factor will be back as we continue all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. newspaper asked both candidates to talked to editorial on the record. president obama did not until today after the newspaper made its disenchantment known. no one from the des moines register would speak with us tonight. i will tell you why in a moment. but joining us now on the phone from iowa is rosy fran co, reporter for who radio in des moines. mr. fran co, as you may know, it sometimes to be inreceivable that barack obama wouldn't want to curry favor with the largest newspaper in the state, the register. what happened there? >> you are absolutely right. i can't tell you what happened. i honestly think the whole thing is silly and someone at the white house dropped the ball. i mean, this is a time where he had the time to shine. he was obviously endorsed by the des moines register back in 2008. you know, the likelihood of him getting caught in some kind of gotcha situation was highly unlikely, so, for him to agree to an interview off the record just seems silly. >> bill: i want to explain,
in stone. that gives the governorom room tomorrowt n he needs to ben makiemo. now for th top story, is u.s. foreign policy in trouble? joining us fromostoox news milita analyst, colonel david hunt a ralph peters. conel pets, in trouble foign policy wis >> the obama administration has. bill, he only had this assomentf naive initiatives poisoned by ideology, deformed by politic, driven by pitics,nd the only thing the initiives i the foren affai alm have h in comn has been their faur you look from benghazi to beijing,n this afro-asian realm of cris,here iot one troued crynt not one, not russia, not china,ertainly notran, ahanistan, pakis ceainly notisrael, not one country in which relations are healthier or more constructiv th undereorge ush, and that was a pretty low standard. >>ill: wt do you say, colol hun >> i thinkhe specificity o thpoli when u look a we wante lower american prole wi t weakest profile we've had security s 1ince97 fst ambassador we had kild fail. in afgstssan is we have people traing, killing u that is not -- and the surge wa. the cmander on the ground reports says the ta
policy they provide. that is a fact. >> laura: false. today the u.s. conference of catholic bishops rebuked the vice president noting that the so-called accommodation, the obama administration promised for catholic hospitals, universities, and other religious charities isn't an accommodation at all. they will all still serve as a vehicle for contraception, abore that face drugs and sterilizations because their health insurance premiums still will cover those services. now, ryan himself had some difficulty on the foreign policy questions and allowed, i think, the moderator to cut him off too easily. without a doubt, joe biden's demeanor and his mendacity made him both less likeable and less credible. and that's the memo. now on to the top story reaction, joining us from new york is chris hahn. is he a democratic strategist and fox news contributor and with us here in washington, simon rosenberg, the president of mdm a center left think tank. all right, simon, let's start with you. gergen, come pro-call and others -- tom brokaw and others joe biden looked a little silly the man was al
there when pakistan is actively killing u.s. soldiers. not just say well, we have to be their friend. well, how are you going to do that? when you have got a scientist in prison for helping us get usama bin laden. those questions aren't asked. >> the moderator is trying to get something happening here. he is trying to get the candidates to engage each other. it seems that the criticism you are making goes to governor romney not to anyone else because the moderate the goal here is to get them engage each other. >> bill: can i ask you a question. >> okay. >> did you learn one thing during that debate last night? one. >> i learned that perhaps governor romney believes he is ahead and, therefore, he took an approach not to be as confrontational as some expected him to be. >> bill: that's a perception on your part, correct? >> that's correct. >> bill: you didn't learn anything because i didn't learn anything. i didn't learn one thing. >> no. there was nothing there that they said about those issues that i did not know or have not engaged on this program and others. >> bill: why are we wasting 9
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points. that's a memo. now for the top story, is u.s. foreign policy in trouble? joining us from boston, fox news military analyst, colonel david hunt and ralph peters. colonel peters, we in trouble foreign policy wise? >> the obama administration has never had a foreign policy. bill, he's only had this assortment of confused, naive initiatives poisoned by ideology, deformed by politic, driven by politics, and the only thing these initiatives in the foreign affairs realm have had in common has been their failure. if you look from benghazi to beijing, in this afro-asian realm of crisis, there is not one troubled country, not one, not russia, not china, certainly not iran, afghanistan, pakistan, certainly not israel, not one country in which relations are healthier or more constructive than under george w. bush, and that was a pretty low standard. >> bill: what do you say, colonel hunt? >> i think the specificity of the policy when you look at libya in which we wanted a lower american profile with the weakest profile we've had security since 1979 first ambassador we had killed failed. in
by 4 but he was up by 12 about three weeks ago. so you can see that all over the u.s.a., mitt romney is surging while the president is having problems. thus, thus, tonight's debate takes on a huge importance. as does its town hall format. there will be about 13 questions asked by the regular folks who were selected by the club agency. the moderator cnn correspondent candy crowley will then ask follow-up questions. the candidates will have six minutes to address each situation. questions can be anything but they have been vetted. ms. crowley knows what the questions are. apparently nobody else does, we hope that's the case anyway. president obama will most likely try to convince voters that mitt romney is simply blowing smoke. that he has no problem-solving capability. that's what i expect barack obama to do tonight, simply turn every question into this quote: so what's governor romney going to do? he hasn't told us. like joe biden the president will try to diminish the governor. romney should be prepared for that. and he should begin unfolding some specific plans to deal with the ec
. the president himself cashed the ballot early first time in u.s. history way to encourage others. democrats thought that might be advantageous for them. more republicans than democrats who voted early. again i think that's probably a watch -- wash. one thing it might effect things as we resume the campaign. tomorrow is going to be a half and half day by the end of the week we will be back to campaigning. when you have this emergency and you have this tragedy and latest effects of the tragedy are going to go right through election day. not a one day deal. there is imposition on the candidates, a requirement to have a kind of solemnedy that you would when people are throwing all kinds of charges around. since the obama campaign is far more negative. i have seen in the ads i have seen the last couple of days still really harshly negative on romney because they really don't have a positive agenda. that's going to restrain what the democrats can do to some extent closing argument. >> it also distracts watching this stuff. here in the northeast. which is obama country. we expect obama to carry ev
would say if i were in his shoes. i would say mr. romney this was basically punch to the u.s. embassy in libya. it reminds me of a much bigger sucker punch called 9/11. >> bill: you would debate it. you wouldn't answer it you would go some place else. >> no, i'm going to put it in context. the day after 9/11 i remember al gore standing up and saying george bush is our president and i'm with him. okay because this was an attack on our country. i would started there second thing i would say is, yes. we absolutely have to investigate what happened around the security in that embassy who made what decisions. >> bill: too long. six weeks was enough time to figure out who pulled the security out of there, all right? six days you could have done this if he is going to go back and try to answer the question for the guy last night. let me tell you how brave our men and women are overseas. everybody is going just answer the question. >> one other thing, bill, how remarkable it was that the libyans responded by themselves taping out. >> bill: nobody cares how the libyans responded. >> that's wha
. the only reason we aren't bankrupt yet is that folks overseas are still buying treasury bonds and other u.s. investments. that could stop in a hurry. president obama has not addressed the issue. his theme is, if you tax wealthy americans and corporations more then the debt will get under control. but the figures don't back that up. right now the federal government spends more on welfare than on any other program. and we are not talking about medicare or social security. we are talking about payments to the folks and stuff like food stamps, housing, medical care and those kind of things. according to a new study by the congressional research service, the usa spent $746 last yore alone -- $746,000 last year alone giving people stuff. that's more than social security and medicare and nonwar defense budget. president obama wants to increase that spending. he wants more entitlements in play. governor romney will reduce domestic spending 5% off the bat. he says he will make changes in food stamps and other entitlement programs that could save $400 billion a year. now, to be fair, politicians can
that the u.s.a. would no longer to take the lead in controversies. we would work with other nations to solve problems. we saw that in libya. now many, including governor romney, believe that president obama's foreign policy has weakened america and emboldened our enemies. romney says iran, egypt and taliban and others no longer fear us therefore americans are in far greater danger than they were when president bush was in power. in short, governor romney believes in the big stick when necessary. that is crux of tonight's debate. whether america is in an exceptional country that has a moral right to lead the world, or whether we are a country no more entitled than anyone else. more romney is a huge advantages because of the libya business. i am sick and tired of hearing about it. president obama owes the american people, we the people, a press conference. he owes it to us to explain what the hell happened over there and why security was not what it should have been. this i don't want to hear any more excuses. i don't want to see any more finger pointing. i want to know the facts from the pres
important state. there is an ad that says that obama's chrysler deal undermines u.s. workers. gm's ceo came out and said that the latest romney ad is politics at its worst this, is going to play out before voters in ohio. your thoughts on this? >> i was in ohio yesterday. ways in hamilton county, cincinnati then over in lebanon, and then, over in delaware county. goit a good taste of southwestern ohio. last time, obama carried ohio. it is rob portman's base. they're very, very proud of them. republicans told me they believe they're going to carry hamilton county maybe by 23,000 votes. that would be a swing of 50,000 votes by itself that would guarantee carrying ohio. people in lebanon and warren county very republican. tremendously enthusiastic. they're going to vote bigger than they voted last time for mccain. in delaware county it was a very rural area we were in. i couldn't find any obama voters. obama is going to be competitive. he's going to have cleveland and areas around dayton. i think ohio probably going to end up electing josh landel to the senate. all energy development, natural
to have an agreement allowing the presence of u.s. military forces in afghanistan, excuse me, in iraq. designating vice president to be the lead negotiator. the vice president said i'll bet my vice-presidency on getting the status forces agreement. sounded like the president was saying i wanted the agreement but not the force that's is going to be a problem for the president in days ahead. as was insis stance governor romney never supported any kind of government assistance to the auto company. but there is governor on the record saying he wanted to go through a prepackaged bankruptcy to assure auto industries continue. president kept saying look at the records it's not true but it's there in the governor romney's op-ed and there in news reports. and i've seen this in the debate out on the trail. like robert gibs and others they're pleasant people. and they stay hung up on this assertion it's not true. >> and what i don't understand and bankruptcy is a form of help. when i practiced law people went into bankruptcy to be protected from creditors so they can reorganize. going into bankr
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 86 (some duplicates have been removed)

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